I have to take a dump. A link dump.

I don’t want to piggyback on the format of other popular baseball blogs, but once and a while, I think it’s important to show some love to those you follow and read on a regular basis.

Therefore, once in a while, I’d like to do something similar to Getting Blanked’s “Linkin’ Ballpark” daily link dump.

If you’ve never read Getting Blanked (TheScore.com’s baseball blog) you’re missing out.  It’s easily my favourite baseball website on the whole internets.  I believe Dustin Parkes is the future of the business and is extremely talented.  And I’m not just saying that because he’s been kind enough to allow me to write some columns for the site.

Today, Dustin has a great post about Roberto Alomar’s supposed great fielding and suggests he may have been a tad overrated.  I don’t doubt that this is true, but my unconditional love for all things Alomar allows me to maintain that he was the best I’ve ever seen at his position.

The always insightful Joe Posnanski wrote a piece about the moral gatekeeping of the BBWAA complete with an interview with Hall of Fame czar Jeff Idleson.

My neighbour Chris, who I just found out is as big a fan of baseball as I am, showed me this article about the steroid era.  Like him, I don’t agree with everything in there, but it’s worth a look.

The always amazing FanGraphs takes a look at who else you must vote for if B.J. Surhoff was on your Hall of Fame ballot (which he was for two BBWAA voters).

And why are people complete dumbasses?  Also, how hard do you have to be kicked so that your eye falls out?

Also, I want to thank whoever is visiting this site so often.  I’ve been getting more hits than I ever thought possible.  Thanks for reading my pointless drivel!

3 responses to “I have to take a dump. A link dump.

  1. Yea I read something like that from Joe Posnanski about Roberto Alomar’s defence it was interesting to see. I love the guys on DJF but I really didn’t agree with their latest one about the difference between alleged PED users and guys with character issues like Roberto Alomar. I think it was Stoeten who wrote it.

  2. My stance is that I would vote for ‘roiders (reluctantly) if I had a vote. I see it as more of the fault of the owners and Selig than the players.

    I vehemently disagree with Bagwell not getting in based on suspicion.

  3. Also, great site. I don’t agree with everything you say but that is the spice of life. You’re a good writer, keep it le up.

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