Mopinion!! (It’s a hybrid of ‘Monday’ and ‘Opinion’, try to keep up)

Upon discovering that you can imbed polls into posts, I decided to include a new weekly feature over here on Baseball Canadiana.  Mopinion!  Each week I’ll post a few polls asking for your opinion on different topics around baseball.

Every Tuesday (or Monday night) I’ll reveal how I voted on each question and give a little bit of my reasoning.  And I have to warn you, I’ve taken a couple philosophy classes in my day so my reasoning skills are what you’d call mediocre at worst.

Doesn’t that seem like more fun than watching A-Rod whiff on a high fastball?  No?

The Cubs missed out on both Adrian Gonzalez and Adrian Beltre and then traded what seems like a lot to the Rays for Matt Garza.

The Yankees missed out on Cliff Lee who chose Philadelphia, and while they were going balls deep in that pursuit, Boston acquired two superstars in one week to instantly make them AL East favourites at the Yankees’ expense.

The Angels were said to be in on Carl Crawford, Adrian Beltre and at times Cliff Lee and missed out on all three.  Their best free agent signing so far this offseason has been for Blue Jay Scott Downs.  When your fans are expecting big names, Downs doesn’t exactly cut it.

The Mets have watched as the Phillies and Nationals have made their respective teams much better, while the Marlins and Braves seem to have much more on paper than they do already.  Is it just me or are the Mets in trouble?

The Tigers made two or three of the dumbest free agent signings I’ve seen for a long time.

Just for reference, Baseball America ranks McGuire number two, Stewart number five, Wojciechowski number six, and Sanchez number nine in the Jays’ top ten prospects.

Again, BA ranks D’Arnaud number four, Arencibia number seven, and Perez number eight.  Jeroloman is not ranked in the top ten.

I figure Parkes has some game.  His splits against lefties are probably better than Lind’s

Tune in later or tomorrow for my selections.


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