Mopinion results — week one

What the B'Jesus??

I know it’s nearly two days later than I said it would be, but here it is.  The results of a fairly successful week one of Mopinion.  I honestly got way more votes than I expected.

Question #1 asked: Which team has had the worst off-season so far?  ten of the 26 voters selected the Yankees, coming in at 38.46%, while eight (30.77%) selected the Angels.  Four people had the Cubs (15.38%), three (11.54%) had the Tigers and one person (3.85%) voted for the Mets.

While writing and thinking about the question I could not decide between the Angels and Yankees.  I think, however, the Yankees take the cake purely because of how much better the Red Sox appear to be than they were at the end of 2010.  The Angels’ biggest rivals, Texas, lost Cliff Lee so any improvement brought on by the addition of Adrian Beltre is nullified and then some.

Question #2 asked: Besides Kyle Drabek, who is the Jays’ best pitching prospect.

Like I said in the preamble, Baseball America is as wrong as anybody trying to predict who will and won’t be stars in baseball.  They are a fantastic reference and a knowledgeable source of information, but picking the best prospects in a given system is nearly impossible.  Having said that, from what I’ve read (not just from BA), I like Aaron Sanchez.  I believe in a year or two he’ll be the top prospect in the Jays’ system.

The results of the poll saw eleven of 24 voters (45.83%) choosing Deck McGuire, the Jays’ 2010 first-round pick.  Six people (25%) selected Zach Stewart, five people (20.83%) voted for Sanchez, and two (8.33%) picked Asher Lotsaletters.

Question #3 asked: Which Jays’ catching prospect will have the greatest impact on the major-league team.

I believe the Jays are not entirely convinced J.P. Arencibia will one day be a quality major-leaguer.  They had way too much interest in free agent catchers like Miguel Olivo to convince me that they totally believe in Arencibia’s ability.  Having said that, I would choose Travis D’Arnaud who appears to be a plus offensive threat and is turning into a solid defensive option.

The results saw twelve of 25 voters (48%) choose Arencibia, while 9 (36%) think D’Arnaud has a brighter future in Toronto.  Four people (16%) think Carlos Perez is the long-term heir of the catching throne, while there’s no love for Brian Jeroloman who’s stock has fallen dramatically in recent years.

Question #4 asked: Which free-agent signing in this off-season has been the dumbest so far.

The people have spoken, and who am I to disagree?  Fourteen of 25 voters thought Jayson Werth’s ridiculous 7yr/$126-million contract is the dumbest so far.  For a late-bloomer who has had only two seasons with more than 500 plate appearances, that deal is mega-fucked.  If the Nationals strategy is to woo potential free agents by drastically overpaying for them, then they’ll succeed in becoming the New York Rangers of baseball.  How’s that working out for them exactly?

Five people (20%) gave V-Mart’s 4yr/$50-million deal with Detroit the nod, four (16%) gave Berkman’s one-year pact with the Cards the honour and two (8%) gave it to Adrian Beltre.  Joaquin Benoit assuredly would have done better in a poll asking for the dumbest relief pitcher contract, but he failed to garner any votes in this here poll.

Question #5 asked: Who will play the most innings at first base for the Jays this year?

Not surprisingly, 20 of 24 voters (83.33%) selected Adam Lind who will at the very least play there when a righthander is on the mound.  I agree.  By that logic alone, barring injuries of course, Lind should play the most innings.  Unless he’s so awful defensively that they have to enact plan B.

Three people (12.5%) voted Edwin Encarnacion and one person voted for Getting Blanked’s Dustin Parkes who’s currently close to signing a minor-league deal with a Spring Training invite.

No one voted for Arencibia (who could have a future at the position, just not in 2011) and David Cooper, who I think most people have just given up on.

Well, that was fun.  Mopinion will return next Monday with a shout-out to a company who shares the same name.

If you have any questions you’d like to see put up, shoot them up in the comments, yo.


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