Does Eric Chavez make a solid platoon option for the Jays?

Apparently, former A’s third baseman Eric Chavez has worked out for the Blue Jays.

It’s unlikely that Chavez gets anything guaranteed other than an invite to Dunedin, but this is still intriguing.  The Jays have a noted gap to fill in either right field or third base.  As of now, Jose Bautista likely moves in to the hot corner full time and newly acquired Rajai Davis would fit into one of the corner outfield spots with Travis Snider occupying the other.

If Chavez proves himself to be healthy and earns a spot on the Jays roster when they go north in late March, he could end up being the everyday (or at least platoon) third baseman which would slide Bautista back out to right field and relegate Davis to a fourth outfielder spot.

Obviously, even if the Jays give Chavez a crack, it’s unlikely that he makes the team out of the Spring unless he’s truly healthy.  But at age 33 and a full 4 seasons removed from his last somewhat healthy year, even at full health his ability should be in question.

Let’s say hypothetically, Chavez proves himself to be healthy and good enough to make the team.  If I were John Farrell, I’d consider using Chavez in a platoon situation.

His splits aren’t flattering, against righties he’s a career .279/.359/.514 while against lefties he drops to .237/.305/.392.

Rajai Davis on the other hand is a career .292/.347/.402 against lefties and just a .276/.321/.374 against righties.

It would make sense then to platoon the two of them.  Against lefties you’d place Bautista at third with Davis in right, and against righties you’d slide Bautista to right field and plug in Chavez at third.

And those who are worried about the additional mental strain on Bautista having to platoon between two different positions should keep in mind that that’s exactly what he did last year and you don’t get much better than his 2010 offensively.


5 responses to “Does Eric Chavez make a solid platoon option for the Jays?

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  2. Quatre-vingt cinq

    It makes all sorts of sense, and I would wager this is exactly what will happen providing Chavez stays healthy through Dunedin. Having Rajai around for pinch hitting/running duties on nights vs. righties as well. Cahvez should definitely be a postitive in the clubhouse too – if you put much stock into that kind of intangible.

  3. I’m all for it but if several teams are looking at him I’m sure someone will sign him so Toronto would have to offer him a contract to get him to spring training. If the Jays deem him a worthy risk then I’m ok with it.

  4. A league minimu deal with tons of at-bat and counting stat incentives gets it done, in my opinion.

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