Mopinion — Week 2: The ‘I Better Not Get Sued’ Edition

It’s Mopinion time, and as I said last week, there’s a company with the same name.  Here’s there obligatory shout-out so I can avoid getting sued for what very little money I possess.  A brotha’s gotta eat.

I would tell you what they do, but it appears to be in German.  Maybe the good sir who contacted me can inform you in the comments.

There’s no real focus this week, just randomness.  I supposed it would behoove me to have a specific theme, you know, for readers’ interest sake, but I’m far too lazy today to come up with one and stick to it.  Maybe next week.

I figure most people are thinking Jose Bautista, but for the Jayson Werth-like money he’d get, I’m not sure the Jays should sign him long-term.  I think we can all agree that he won’t have another season like 2010, and even if he does have more All-Star calibre seasons, he likely won’t have a lot more.  It’s the nature of late-bloomers.

Reports are indicating that he’s very close to signing with the Angels, but reports have been wrong before.  UPDATE: And in fact, they were wrong this time too.  Nice job, moron.

Quick, answer it before he signs!!

I think the last one is the most obvious; somewhere in the 70-billion range.

I’ll have my answers up tonight, All-knowing-all-capable space creature-willing.

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