This just in: Jon Heyman is classless AND he sucks at his job.

There is a particular trait missing from many people these days: class. baseball writer Jon Heyman (who looks eerily like Mark Teixeira) is one of those people.

There’s the obvious reasons, of course; Heyman practically spit on deserving Hall-of-Famer Bert Blyleven just before his induction was announced by producing this convoluted diatribe urging Mr. Blyleven to be thankful that a pitcher of his ilk could gain induction to such a prestigious body, because in his mind, he didn’t deserve it one bit.

Craig Calcaterra of NBC SportsHardball Talk does a great job of telling us why that piece was such a load of crap, I don’t need to deconstruct it further.

Then there’s his general lack of acceptance of anything modern in baseball analysis.  Sure, he’s not alone in this regard; there are plenty of “old school” journalists out there who seem to pride themselves on ignorance in the face of new, more comprehensive ways of analysing the game, but Heyman seems to take it to a different level.

Right after Carl Crawford signed in Boston, for instance, Heyman was tweeting that Crawford was a fine player, but probably didn’t deserve the money he was getting considering he has never hit 20 homeruns in a season.  Now, maybe Crawford doesn’t deserve what he received, but his homerun totals have nothing to do with why.  Anyone with half a baseball brain knows this.

He then went on to say that he thought Jayson Werth was a better fit for the BoSox given that he was a right-handed batter and possessed more homerun hitting power.*

Is there a person on the planet who knows anything about baseball who would think the Red Sox made the wrong decision in choosing Crawford over Werth, besides maybe Nationals GM Mike Rizzo?

Then yesterday comes along and with it the rather shocking retirement of Royals pitcher Gil Meche at just 32 years of age, leaving behind the final year of his contract and over $12-million.  Meche decided he couldn’t provide a solid enough return for the Royals and so would rather not waste their money.  Perhaps the first time a pro-athlete, or anyone, has walked away from that much guaranteed cash.

But Heyman again took to his Twitter account and criticized Meche for being “close to [the] most average pitcher [of] all time” and also one of the most “over-rated/overpaid.”

I’ll let the great Joe Posnanski tell you why that’s idiotic, he’s better at it than me and comes up with a lot more points than I could have.  But damn it all if I’m having a hard time figuring out why Heyman decides he’s going to be tactless on the day a guy leaves the game he loves because of injuries and misuse (which led to said injuries).

Bad journalism and refusal to evolve aside, Heyman continues to show me what I hope I never become: A tactless and ignorant baseball journalist who seems to enjoy his seat on his incredibly shaky high-horse.

Am I overreacting?  Probably.  Do I care?  Not in the least.

*of course, searching for Twitter posts from over a month ago is impossible so I can’t find them, but take my word for it.  There were other credible witnesses to this idiocy.

3 responses to “This just in: Jon Heyman is classless AND he sucks at his job.

  1. It Craig Calcaterra, not Mark

  2. Thanks! I have a friend named Mark Calcaterra, haha.

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