Vernon Wells TRADED!!

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Vernon Wells has been traded to the Angels for catcher Mike Napoli.

This is clearly a salary dump trade since Wells has grossly underperformed since signing his massive 7 year, $126-million contract extension during the 2007 season.

Napoli is a defensively inept and really has only one appealing quality; his power.  I would speculate that he is an insurance piece in case J.P. Arencibia doesn’t appear ready.  If Arencibia plays every day, Napoli makes a decent DH or first base option.

UPDATE: Apparently outfielder Juan Rivera is also coming to Toronto in the deal.

This deal seems absolutely genius on the part of Alex Anthopoulos.  There’s no indication that the Jays will have to pay any of Wells’ salary…yet.

This also frees up the Jays to potentially extend Jose Bautista.  I’m not sure that’s the smartest plan in the world, but anyway…

I’ll update once things are finalized.


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