Could Wells trade open door for a Vladdy return to Canada?

A week or so ago there were a few DH-type players available on the free agent market, speculation was that the Blue Jays could be able to grab one of them.  But then Jim Thome signed in Minnesota for $3-million, Johnny Damon signed with Tampa last night for $5.25-million and so did Manny Ramirez for a ridiculously low $2-million, and finally Andruw Jones inked a deal with the Yankees also for just $2-million.

This leaves Vladimir Guerrero as the only really viable option at DH on the market unless someone sees Russell Branyan as viable.

With the Angels now acquiring Vernon Wells, it likely means that Bobby Abreu will be the full-time DH in Anaheim.  This is significant as it was speculated that Guerrero might be primed for a return to the Angels after a one year hiatus in Texas.

That opens the door for Toronto.

Obviously they can afford Guerrero, especially since Thome, Ramirez and Jones signed for cheap.  They should be able to get him for $3-million or less; in other words less than the Jays paid for both Octavio Dotel and Jon Rauch.

Getting Guerrero would give the Jays plenty of flexibility at several positions: Adam Lind can play first and DH and is adept at hitting righties while getting owned by lefties; Edwin Encarnacion can DH, play first and third base; Mike Napoli can catch, play first and DH and he absolutely tears apart left-handed pitching.

Trading Wells has opened some serious doors; Jays’ fans should be thrilled.

UPDATE: Of course, as my luck would have it today, right after I post that, MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that Guerrero is close to signing in Baltimore.  Fuck me with a spoon…

UPDATE 2: Apparently now they’re not close.  Thanks to Blandy and Ryan for the story.  You can remove the spoon now.

4 responses to “Could Wells trade open door for a Vladdy return to Canada?

  1. The answer is an emphatic YES.
    Do it. As long as I never ever have to see him play defense. I will take an OPS of 850 or so to hit cleanup.

  2. Sounds fun. Dude can hit and seems to make contact with anything thrown even remotely close to the plate.

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