Mopinion Week 3 — The Vernon Wells trade edition

Yeah, I know I’m milking the Wells trade for all its worth, but why not?  It’s one of the most significant trades the Blue Jays franchise has made in its history.  My feeling is it’s right up there with Carter & Alomar for Fernandez & McGriff and the Halladay deal.

I promise though, this will be the last time I refer to it unless I need to for some related reason.  That and I don’t think there are any more pictures of Vernon Wells that I can use without being sued by some photographer.

It’s a little late in the day since I forgot about it, but here’s your Vernon Wells trade edition of Mopinion:

I imagine I don’t have (m)any Angels’ fans reading this blog, so I’m going to assume that this will be entirely from a Jays’ fan perspective.

This one could be tough because it’s unknown how much (if any) of an effect Angel Stadium will have on his numbers, it is undoubtedly a pitcher’s park so it should be interesting.

Wells, Napoli and Rivera are actually quite comparable in their career numbers.  For those who don’t know, a slash line is ‘batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage’.

For quick reference sake, the Jays have J.P. Arencibia and Jose Molina at catcher; Adam Lind, Edwin Encarnacion and possibly Juan Rivera at first base; and all of the above as potential DHs, minus perhaps Molina.

Check back tomorrow or Wednesday for my answers and dead-on-can’t-be-wrong analysis.


One response to “Mopinion Week 3 — The Vernon Wells trade edition

  1. Look forward to the follow-up!

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