Acknowledging the noticable gap

So…a lot has gone on in the last week.  The Albert Pujols contract extension fallout with the Cards, the Jose Bautista craziness (that’s the only way I can characterize a 5 year, $65-million contract for a player who’s had one good season, albeit a very good one) and even the acquisition of Scott Podsednik to possibly split time in leftfield with Juan Rivera or compete for a bench spot.

I would love to comment on all these things, but unfortunately with the previews, school and two other jobs, it ain’t happ’nin’.

I refer you to my fellow bloggers for insight and candid remarks.  Enjoy the remainder of the previews!  This week will be the AL West.  Monday will be the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, followed by the Oakland A’s, the Seattle Mariners, and the Texas Rangers.  On Friday, I’ll write up a brief overview of the American League.

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And if you haven’t yet had the time to read Moneyball by Michael Lewis, it can be found online here.

4 responses to “Acknowledging the noticable gap

  1. Just a heads up. Pretty sure Farrell has said Rivera in right, Snider in left.

  2. You ever read Baseball Prospectus? I pre-ordered it this year for the first time and am wondering if it’s good.

  3. Yeah, I usually get around to picking it up. It’s a nice quick reference, especially for fantasy leagues.

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