2011 American League Preview Breakdown

With the American league previews done, here’s a review of how I think things will shake down.

AL East
Boston Red Sox 98-64
Tampa Bay Rays 93-69
New York Yankees 90-72
Toronto Blue Jays 79-83
Baltimore Orioles 72-90
AL Central
Minnesota Twins 91-71
Chicago White Sox 86-76
Detroit Tigers 82-80
Cleveland Indians 65-97
Kansas City Royals 59-103
AL West
Oakland Athletics 92-70
Texas Rangers 85-77
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 83-79
Seattle Mariners 71-91

This means the American League, as a whole, will be 24 games above the .500-mark.  The Red Sox would be the one seed in the postseason with the Athletics being the two seed; the wildcard Rays the number three seed, and the Twins the four seed.

I consider picking who will win in the postseason kind of a pointless venture since it’s such a giant crapshoot, but I’ll do it anyway, because I enjoy being wrong.

The Red Sox, with a deeper team, will beat the Twins in the ALDS and the A’s with a deeper pitching staff will beat the Rays.

Then I think the A’s will beat the Red Sox in the ALCS.

Yes, that’s right; I’ll go out on a huge limb and pick the Oakland A’s to win the AL pennant.

As for the awards, I’ll pick three candidates for each in no particular order:

Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox
Robinson Cano, Yankees
Evan Longoria, Rays

Cy Young:
Jon Lester, Red Sox
David Price, Rays
Brett Anderson, Athletics

Rookie of the Year:
Mike Moustakas, Royals
J.P. Arencibia, Blue Jays
Jeremy Hellickson, Rays

Manager of the Year:
Bob Geren, Athletics
Joe Maddon, Rays
Ron Gardenhire, Twins

Next week I’ll preview the NL East starting with the Atlanta Braves on Monday.

3 responses to “2011 American League Preview Breakdown

  1. I think Kyle Dabek surprises a lot of people and is in the running for ROY.

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