2011 National League Preview Breakdown


NL East  
Philadelphia Phillies 100-62
Atlanta Braves 95-67
Florida Marlins 88-74
New York Mets 74-88
Washington Nationals 68-94


NL Central  
Milwaukee Brewers 85-77
Cincinnati Reds 85-77
St. Louis Cardinals 78-84
Chicago Cubs 75-87
Pittsburgh Pirates 65-97
Houston Astros 64-98


NL West  
Los Angeles Dodgers 90-72
San Francisco Giants 88-74
Colorado Rockies 85-77
San Diego Padres 74-88
Arizona Diamondbacks 66-96


Thank the good lord baby jeebous.  I made it through all 30 teams. 60,000 words, or just over 150 pages, later I’ve chronicled every team in detail for the 2011 season.  Next year, if I’m still running this site, I will need at least two other writers to help me out with this craziness, so if you want to be one of them let me know; there may be pay involved by then.  You can find all 30 previews by clicking on the “2011 Team Previews” tab at the top of the site

The way I’ve projected the season, I have the Phillies as the number one seed, the Dodgers as the number two, the Braves as the number three, and the Brewers as the number four.  This sets up a Phillies vs. Brewers/Dodgers vs. Braves NLDS.  In that scenario, I’d have the Phillies and Braves meeting in the NLCS with the Braves coming out on top due to a younger core of players.  My feeling is that the Phillies’ lack of depth beyond their aging starting position players will hurt them come postseason time and the Braves match up pretty well in a short series.

Predicting the playoffs is a fool’s game as it’s mostly based on luck and hot streaks so I’m ultimately less worried about getting them right.  But, I’m predicting a Braves/A’s World Series with the Braves coming out on top under first-year manager Fredi Gonzalez.

In no particular order, here are three players for each award that I think have a strong chance at winning.
Jason Heyward, ATL
Jay Bruce, CIN
Albert Pujols, STL

Cy Young:
Clayton Kershaw, LAD
Roy Halladay, PHI
Josh Johnson, FLA

Rookie of the Year:
Freddie Freeman, ATL
Brandon Belt, SF
Danny Espinosa, WAS

Manager of the Year:
Don Mattingly, LAD
Fredi Gonzalez, ATL
Ron Roenicke, MIL

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  1. Might be able to lend a hand. Would have to see closer to next year.

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