A look at some things that barely matter: Uniforms and logos!

As promised, I’m slowing things down a bit here on Baseball Canadiana now that the season is underway.  You see, in the offseason I sit around thinking about baseball and my outlet is writing about it.  During the season, my outlet is actually watching the games; which I do a lot of.  Probably more than is deemed healthy by a normal person.  In the meantime, you can check out my fantasy baseball features on TheScore.com’s Getting Blanked every Monday.

MINI-RANT DISCLAIMER: There is one topic that I’ve considered commenting on, but have thus far avoided; of course, I’m speaking of the Barry Bonds trial.  I think that it’s such a waste of everyone’s time and money that I refuse to dignify it with comment.  I’ve come close in the last few days, what with Joe Buck and his not-so-esteemed colleague Tim McCarver (at least I think that’s who it was, I don’t care enough to figure it out) talking about how Barry Bonds is exactly the type of person you should not be.

I came close again when The Score’s Tim Micallef, someone I respect a great deal, said that Bonds should have all of his records removed from the record books on the Tim and Sid Uncut podcast

But I won’t go there…not yet.  I still think it’s pointless to waste time on the subject.


Uniforms and logos!

I’ve always had an interest in team logos.  I like to track their progression and judge them.  Looking back on old uniforms and logos, I find myself feeling nostalgic; remembering when I was a kid, counting baseball cards in my room.

Today, I want to talk about some looks that I feel need updating (or in some cases, reversion).  The fad of teams incorporating black into already sufficient colour schemes seems to finally be fading away; and not a moment too soon, I might add.  Despite this, there are still some teams that refuse to acknowledge their mistakes.  Let’s start with teams that need to axe the colour black.

The New York Mets
The Mets are blessed with a complimentary colour combination.  Remember those?  In grade nine art class, you learned about the colour wheel and complimentary colours.

When you place two colours side-by-side that are on opposite ends of the colour wheel, the combination will stand out in sharp contrast.

The Mets’ colours of blue and orange are probably the most eye-pleasing of all complimentaries, yet  for the last 12 years, the Mets have attempted to ruin this by shoving black awkwardly into their logo and uniforms.  I’ll admit, at first, I didn’t mind it because it offered something sharp and vivid, but that feeling very quickly wore off.

The Mets still wear a version of their home uniforms where there is no black, but one day they will get the good sense to remove black altogether much like the A’s (finally this season), the Royals, and the Reds did.

The Toronto Blue Jays
The fan base grew tired of the ‘Grey Jays’ about two months after the new unies were unveiled in 2004 and trust me, we still hate it.  Thankfully there are rumours a-floatin’ that the ungodly black, grey, graphite, and cobalt monstrosities they currently wear are on their way out and will be replaced next season.

A friend of mine from the Toronto area has a cousin in the marketing department (I realize how made-up that sounds) for the Jays and apparently this logo was presented to them about a year ago and could be the basis for the new design.

I think it’s a terrific adaption of the classic logo and would be a welcome change.

The Pittsburgh Pirates
Black isn’t bad all the time.  In certain cases such as the White Sox and the Pirates, black not only suits the team, but is part of their identity.  Used properly, black can be an asset.  The problem with the Pirates current setup for me is the addition of red.  Why is it there?  The Pirates have perhaps the best nickname and colour combos in the business, why ruin it with an unnecessary third colour?

Ditch the red, Buccos’ marketing department, it’s time.  I’ll even give you an alternative courtesy of my mad Photoshoppin’ skillz.
The San Diego Padres
Once upon a time, the Padres had one of the most interesting and lovable logos and some of the most striking and charismatic uniforms in baseball.  Slowly, since the mid-80s, the franchise has done a terrific job of robbing those qualities from their look.  Check out this progression.

Good Jeebous that new look is boring.  I mean, what were they boring, bored, boring?  I mean, come on, let’s zazz it up professional marketers.

The Pads’ new AAA affiliate in Tucson is bringing back the old look and that could mean the big club is considering heading back in that direction.  Good news for all.

The Houston Astros
Much like the Padres in the 80’s, the Astros had some serious swagger with their kick ass rainbow-striped unies.  Thankfully, they’ve ditched the boring boringness that was the nineties…

…but heading back in the direction of uniqueness seems like an obvious good move for the marketing team of baseball’s least interesting franchise.

I have no problem with the current brick, cream and black combo per say, but I think the Diamondbacks pull it off much more effectively and let’s face it; it suits them a whole heck of a lot more.  I mean, with a nickname like ‘Astros’ you would think there’d be some reason to go with something a bit more ‘out-there’.  I mean, check out the ultra-Conservative Nolan Ryan hating life beside J.R Richard…

…The epitome of sweetness

Something like this would be cool, although I’m not sure I agree with all of the uniform choices that guy came up with; going with the navy as the predominant colour would probably be best.

Seattle Mariners
I don’t have any inherent problems with this look; it’s not bad, it just needs an update.  It’s stale for me and it feels like eons ago that the team ditched the blue and yellow uniforms of Omar Vizquel’s days.

Milwaukee Brewers
I think everybody would like to see the Brewers reintroduce some colour into their suddenly bland uniforms.  What was so wrong with blue and yellow?  Is dark navy and goldy-brown better?  I guess maybe for a stock exchange business, but not for a baseball team.

I would love to see the Brew Crew revert back to their ingenious glove logo full time…

…(it took me several years to figure out that it was an ‘m-b’) but I understand that the team is owned by Miller Breweries and is attempting a cross-marketing/promotion thing and is not likely to go back.  Stupid corporate America.

Are there any other uniforms/logos you’d like to see changed or updated?

If you’ve never seem Chris Creamer’s Sports’ Logos page, you need to check it out.  You’ll thank me when you piss away the next seven hours looking at logos.


2 responses to “A look at some things that barely matter: Uniforms and logos!

  1. I definitely think any logo change for the Blue Jays would be an improvement over the current logo. I like how that one you posted hearkens back to the old logo, but has a modern twist on it. I’m just curious which colour they’ll use for the uniforms in hats if the Blue Jays in fact decide to go that route or with something similar.

  2. Gosh that old Brewers logo is just an absolute work of art.
    It actually makes me like the Brewers more!

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