The myth of Corey Patterson’s fast balls.

Well, Buck, the things that are coming out of my mouth are based on totally unsubstantiated theories that I've concocted in my brain. I love speeeeed.

You know how Blue Jays’ colour commentor Pat Tabler likes to think he knows things about baseball?

So, for weeks now he’s been saying that hitting in front of Jose Bautista in the Jays’ lineup allows number-two hitter Corey Patterson to see more fastballs which is why he’s hitting so well. The theory is that pitchers don’t want to walk him with Bautista on deck so they don’t risk throwing him breaking pitches that might find their way out of the strike zone.

This season, 37.6% of the pitches Patterson has seen have been four-seem fastballs. Last season, when hitting usually in the 8 or 9 hole in Baltimore’s lineup, he saw 41.3% fastballs.

Secondary pitches? 34.3% of the pitches he saw last season were either a curveball, slider, or changeup, this season? 34.7%.

What’s the moral of this tale? Pat Tabler often doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.  That, and he exhibits a blantant disregard for the resources at his disposal.  FUCK.

Happy Raptor Day!


3 responses to “The myth of Corey Patterson’s fast balls.

  1. He says more strikes….which allows him to SEE the fastball more, not see MORE fastballs.

    • I’ve heard him say fastballs, but even so. The percentage of pitches he’s seen in the strike zone this season is 47.5%, which is identical to his 2010 percentage and that’s actually belowhis career Zone% of 52.7%. Either way, he’s wrong.

  2. Hahah, I just found your post looking for an analysis of this myth through the google. I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for, but I found something even better– Raptor Day!!

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