Why did home-plate umpire John Tumpane make a duck-face when he threw out Rays manager Joe Maddon last night after he defiantly called Justin Ruggiano out at home plate on a play where he was quite obviously safe?  Duck-face is a trademark of teen girls and those douchebags you usually find on college campuses playing tackle football in the commons to try and impress said teenage girls.

Anyway, duck-face Tumpane called Ruggiano out despite every piece of logic (even his own) suggested he was very, very safe.  I’m not here to discuss the merits of instant replay (although, really baseball?  Why the fuck not?), I’ll leave that up to more articulate people.  Nor am I here to pass judgement on the allegedly blind and moronic umpire who made the call.  I won’t even discuss how the Rays probably win that game if the proper call is made (ultimately, I should be happy since the Rays are an AL East foe).  I simply wanted to point out Tumpane’s use of duck-face, further proving is already obvious douchery.

No, there wasn’t any real point to this post.

Because I wanted to!

No, you’re stupid.


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