Who Writes this Crap?

Oh yes, that's a hipster hat. I'm pretty gansta...

Baseball Canadiana is a blog for and by Canadian baseball fans.  Formally an MLBlogs joint, Baseball Canadiana was created and is operated by man named Travis G. Reitsma.  Who is this handsome-sounding fellow, you ask?  He is many things: a musician, a grad-student, a writer and a baseball uber-fan.

Travis will do his best to provide thought-provoking and insightful material for other fans such as himself, from a Canadian perspective.  Does this mean there will be a heavy focus on the Jays?  Well, yes and no.  Travis is a Jays fan through and through, but is a fan of the game in its entirety, so although Jays’ issues will be prominent, there will be no shortage of material from around all of baseball.

If you’re at all familiar with the MLBlogs version of this site, you’ll know that it is known for its comprehensive team previews every spring.  This spring will be the third year of Travis’ team previews, albeit, they may be shorter than the 1200-1500 word pieces of the last two years.  There will be less available time this go ’round.

There is always space for guest columns to lighten the burden.  If you’d like to submit a piece of writing, e-mail Travis at travisreitsma [at] gmail [dot] com.