Getting Blanked — Baseball blog for, written by the ever-knowledgable and jocose Dustin Parkes and his contributors Drew Fairservice and Andrew Stoeten

Drunk Jays Fans — Drunk Jays Fans is THE best Blue Jaycentric blog on the web.  Funny, coarse, dickish, abhorrent, and most importantly…amazing.

Bluebird Banter — A comprehensive look at all things Jay.

1 Blue Jays Way — This group knows way too much about Canada’s baseball team.

Blue Jay Hunter — Mr. Ian Hunter is a helluva writer and one classy guy



FanGraphs — News, commentary and oh so many charts.  A baseball fan’s dream website and biggest procrastination tool

Baseball-Reference — For anything you need to know about baseball.


OTHER SOURCES — ‘Cause sometimes you need to go to the source

MLB Trade Rumo[u]rs — It’s whispered, they hear it.

Blue Bird Banter — Yet another terrific Blue Jays blog